sbpy - A Python Module for Small-Body Planetary Astronomy

sbpy is an Astropy affiliated package for asteroid and comet researchers.

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Current Version: 0.4


sbpy is a Python package, installable with pip:

pip install sbpy

Or with Anaconda via the conda-forge channel:

conda install sbpy --channel=conda-forge

Detailed Installation Instructions

Learn sbpy

Explore sbpy using tutorial notebooks that showcase its functionality using real-life science applications or browse its documentation.

Tutorial Notebooks Documentation

Get help

Questions about sbpy or how to use sbpy modules can be posted at sbpy Discussions, hosted on GitHub. Help about using astropy and affiliated packages (including sbpy) can also be found on Astropy's help page. You can also find sbpy developers on the Astropy slack workspace in the #sbpy channel (see Astropy's help page for connection details).

sbpy Discussions Astropy help

Report bugs and contribute

Please report what you believe is a bug or a mistake using sbpy's issue tracker. If you have an idea for how to improve sbpy, or would like to contribute code directly, please check out the contribution guidelines.

Report issues Contribution Guidelines

Acknowledge sbpy

If you use sbpy in your work, we would appreciate if you could acknowledge its use by citing

Mommert, Kelley, de Val-Borro, Li et al. (2019), Journal of Open Source Software, 4(38), 1426

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