The sbpy Team

The development of sbpy is a team effort that would not be possible without the help of supporters that provide, test, and document code. Our initial team is listed below. GitHub also tracks all contributors to the sbpy and sbpy Tutorials projects.

Michael S. P. Kelley, University of Maryland (Co-Lead Developer)

Jian-Yang Li, Planetary Science Institute (Co-Lead Developer)

Michael Mommert, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland (Initial Project Lead)

Miguel de Val-Borro, Planetary Science Institute

Giannina Guzman, University of Maryland

Brigitta Sipőcz, Caltech/IPAC

Josef Ďurech, Charles University, Prague

Mikael Granvik, University of Helsinki

Will Grundy, Lowell Observatory

Nick Moskovitz, Lowell Observatory

Antti Penttilä, University of Helsinki

Nalin Samarasinha, Planetary Science Institute


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